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Hi there! I'm Gean Saw.

I'm here for you. Let's #lifeproof!

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Gean Saw

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I have known Gean Saw for more than 25 years and got my very first insurance policy from her in my mid-20’s. Over the years, she has been an advisor and played an instrumental role over our family insurance needs and coverage as well as financial planning for retirement. Gean is very personable; gives sound advice and very professional in her own field.  She is always willing to lend a helping hand and I can count on her whenever needed.


Ms May Chew

Office Manager

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Gean Saw is my family's financial consultant since the 1990s. She has a vast experience in risk planning and financial planning knowledge. She puts client’s interest as the utmost priority. Gean provides sound financial advise and recommendations that match well with the needs of the clients. Despite being in the business for so many years and holding a senior position in the company, she is still very passionate about her profession. She is prompt and efficient in handling claims and queries. Gean is a dedicated, reliable and trustworthy consultant. We are glad that she is always there to support and service our family. In fact we are in the midst of engaging her to look into our estate and legacy planning.


Ms Vynna Peh

Head, Capital Development

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Gean was introduced by a trusted ex-colleague, and though the time I got to know Gean was short, she has been nothing but professional and thorough in her work. Gean is also diligent and will gently prod me along when I procrastinate. She is also very patient to repeatedly answer my questions and doubts, and she respects my decision without putting pressure.

Gean is very good at what she is doing, and knows her work & product very well, and will make recommendations that maximises the benefit for her clients. I am glad I have someone like Gean to review, analyze, and take care of my entire financial portfolio, and provide invaluable advice for both protection and retirement planning.

Ms Heng Woan Hoon

Project Manager

My primary role as the agency Director of GS Financial, representing Great Eastern Financial Advisors sees that I support both my clients and my team. 

Enabling the team to continuously provide the client with thorough and integrated planning while delivering exceptional service to clients and building strong, lasting relationships, I also work closely with clients for investment, estate and risk-planning, delivering comprehensive solutions.

Proudly, I focus on driving service excellence and creating a culture of delighting clients. 

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Feel free to contact me for any questions you have or simply to find out more!


Gean Saw



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