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Lee Hong An aka Halee

Lee Hong An

Former Business Relationship Manager

Now a GEFA Agent of Life


What motivated you to make the shift?


The hardest thing to do is leaving your comfort zone. You have to let go of the life you are familiar with, and take risks to live the life of your dream. I was very comfortable with more than 8 years of experience in corporate banking but I wanted to do more for myself. I was inspired by many business owners to build a legacy for myself and this was my first step. This shift has also allowed me to spend more time with my loved ones while also adding value adding people’s life, making this a very fulfilling journey.


How has your past vocation as a Business Relationship Manager helped you in your current career at Great Eastern?


Being in a corporate banking role, I have witnessed what it takes to run business in Singapore- from start-ups, small-medium enterprises, and even large corporations. On one hand, my relationship management skills honed, helps me to better communicate with my clients. On the other hand, my problem solving skillset empowers me to help clients resolve their financial gap along the way. Both of which has allowed me to better build a trusting relationship with my clients.


How has your experience been with Gean Saw and your teammates at GS Financial?


Gean, as a mentor, has always been motivating and dedicated. She is my go-to person when I need help, and she will solve my problems systematically with her vast experience in financial planning. She has done many coaching sessions which has allowed me to pick up best practise, and this has benefitted my clients and future prospects.

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Dannis Gan 

Former Cabin Crew

Now a GEFA Agent of Life


What motivated you to make the shift?


Gaining full empowerment of my life is the greatest fulfilment I’ve achieved since I’ve made the switch as a cabin crew. Besides its stability as a long term and sustainable career, my personal development has far exceeded material realisations. 


Today, I am able to perform as an all-rounder not only for my own life, but for the lives of everyone I engage with. 


How has your past vocation as a Cabin Crew helped you in your current career at Great Eastern?


I am making full use of my skills developed as a Cabin Crew to better suit clients from all walks of life. I am able to anticipate client's needs and provide alternatives and solutions accordingly. As I have been trained in the service line to meticulously be prepared for unexpected situations, forward-thinking is second nature to me. Today, these skills are applied to both my prospective and current clients. 


How has your experience been with Gean Saw and your teammates at GS Financial?


At the beginning of my journey, I had the honour of meeting Gean. She is a self-motivated and dedicated mentor. Her passion in financial planning industry is as strong even though she had been in the industry for more than 20 years. 


Under her coaching and guidance, I managed to learn and progress better not only as professional financial consultant but also as a person. She enjoys being a mentor, seeing people grow and succeed. 


Albeit the steep learning curve, I am thankful that I have a team of fantastic teammates made up of unique strengths and capabilities. We learn through on-going exchanges on cases and as such, we strengthen our synergy as a team.

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Esther Lim

Former IT Account Executive

Now a GEFA Agent of Life


What motivated you to make the shift?

Prior to being an agent of life, I was an Account Executive amongst heavyweights in the IT industry. Albeit the good renumeration, I found myself pondering on my purpose in life.


With the loss of my beloved late Mum to stomach cancer and my family personally benefiting from insurance by saving us from bankruptcy, I decided to leap into something more purposeful, which would fulfil my passion of helping people in need.


Definitely a calling, I must say. 


How has your past vocation as a IT Account Manager helped you in your current career at Great Eastern?


Actually, if you were to ask me, to be honest, this industry doesn’t need you to be equipped with a checklist of skill sets or experiences.


All we need is a caring heart, someone who is willing to go the extra mile for others, someone who puts the interests of others before his / hers. 


Nothing beats seeing the smile on your clients’ faces when you deliver the cheques to them, especially when they need it most.


As long as one is diligent and sincere in helping others, he / she will definitely go far & shine like a diamond.

How has your experience been with Gean Saw and your teammates at GS Financial?

Having met my Director, Gean Saw and joining the GS Financial team has been my greatest blessing! 


Her passion, dedication and enthusiasm in the industry, in both helping and moulding people, definitely stirs the interest in me, where it brings a different perspective of the industry where it helps people not only to reduce the risks of health and financial problems but also in assisting people in securing their later years with sustainable income.


This spurred me to move out of my comfort zone of working in a good paying job, embarking on a new business career while being able to meet my passion at the same time.


This again explained my wonderful decision to embark on this purposeful business and I’ve never looked back since.

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Jane Phua 

Former Event Marketer

Now a GEFA Agent of life 

What motivated you to make the shift?

I want to enjoy what I do and at the same time, receive generous rewards for my effort. I was looking for a career opportunity where my effort will be rewarded handsomely. Most importantly a sustainable career without limitation on growth and remuneration. 

How has your past vocation as an Event Marketer helped you in your current career at Great Eastern?


As a sales and event marketer, I have developed into a self motivated and  independent individual which provides me a good start in my financial advisory work today. The ability to connect with people from all walks of life also comes in handy. 


How has your experience been with Gean Saw and your teammates at GS Financial?

Gean is a highly motivated and dedicated leader. She leads by example and inspires me to believe in myself and to think big. Encouraged by the caring and highly productive team I achieved my Rookie award in my 1st year and also got promoted to senior financial consultant. Strong practice of ethics is in our culture, it empowers me and the team to provide sound and  professional financial advise to our clients. We build our success on trust and we love to serve

Considering making a move out of the same industry? 

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GS Financial is an agency comprising of highly dedicated and skilled financial consultants. At GS Financial, we focus on developing each talent and to enable them to reach their full potential.

Unlike a traditional agency which focuses mainly on sales and targets, we emphasize on the human element of our business – to not only build a relationship based on trust and care for our client’s well-being, but to become lifelong friends as well. This method of relationship building is the secret behind our success and longevity in this industry!


A unified agency of professional Financial Consultants that serve with dedication


To become the preferred agency of our clients through providing sound financial advice and solutions


Help people to identify problems and gaps in their financial obligations. 


Provide sound financial advice and solutions.


Empower people to take control of their life and happiness.


Ensure the continuity of love, care, concerns and responsibility of the loved ones.    


Service Excellence, Redefined.


GS Financial is all about teaching new members the skills required to achieve financial freedom. By being able to provide a high level of service to our clients, we differentiate ourselves from others and provide our clients with the highest level of tailor-made financial solutions.

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Given Gean's dedication, commitment and enthusiasm, she has moulded me and my team to be successful in both financial advisory as well as a person. She is never stingy with her abundance of knowledge and always eager to impart valuable skills and insights. 



Gean is professional, compassionate and caring as a coach, trainer, businesswoman, and a human being. Her vast background as financial advisor give her much-deserved credibility and a real edge as a coach. It’s been a privilege to work with Gean. She motivates us, keeps us on track and celebrates our successes.



Gean displayed good leadership. Under her guidance, I managed to learn and progress to become a better person. She is always positive and enthusiastic on coaching and training people. Her mindset and skills makes her a valuable resource and definitely a good mentor to learn from and work under. 




As a new member of GS Financial, you will be given a basic salary on top of sales commission just to get you started. In your first year, you can expect to earn between $84,000-$120,000. Top performing candidates can go on to earn double or triple that from their second year onwards.


At GS Financial, we treat our members as independent entrepreneurs. This means that they will have the flexibility to decide their daily schedule whilst maintaining their own professional obligations.


New candidates joining GS Financial will have dedicated mentors to hand hold you, together with the director - Gean Saw. With decades of experience, Gean will share with you her proven secrets for success in the industry.


If you like travelling, take a journey around the world with our annual incentive trips! Well performing consultants will be invited to an all-expenses paid holiday with 5-star accomodation. Think exotic locations around the world as a fitting reward for your hardwork and achievements!



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Gean Saw
Top of the Table® 2022
Court of the Table® 2022
Million Dollar Round Table® 2022
Qualifying and Life Member

A veteran in the financial industry with over two decades of experience. 

Prior to joining this industry, Gean recalls switching multiple jobs within 7 years; from being an officer in the armed forces to working in the F&B industry, nothing was an ideal fit for her, until she chanced upon the financial planning business. 


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