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5 effective ways to stay positive in life

Daily habits that you can adopt in your thoughts and actions in order to create a positive atmosphere around you and easily manifest your desires into reality. These are simple manifestation techniques that can assist you in amplifying the momentum of positive energies in your daily life and thereby greatly help in aligning with what you want.

#1. Be a conscious self-soother. Talk yourself into leaning towards the positive.

Whenever negative circumstances arise and you are inclined to go into negative thinking, begin going general in your thoughts, instead of deliberately going deeper into the negativity. Practice talking to yourself in a soothing and kind manner, just like talking to your inner child, and say to yourself that it is all about focus and you already know what to do now. Aim for the feeling of relief first, and then gradually move your thoughts into better-feeling ones.

#2. Meditate to clear away negative thoughts and stabilise your vibration.

Meditation is a very effective technique to use to quiet the mind and release any attachment to thoughts. It lets your mind be calm and at ease, and lets your vibration to naturally rise to the level of peace and satisfaction. You can consciously focus on your breathing, feeling relaxed as you inhale and exhale. Or you can focus on a specific sound, or count backwards from 100 to 1. You can do this a few minutes each day, and you will gradually be the kind of person who is more at peace as you go about your day. And from this stable place, positive thoughts will then be easily received by your mind. You will be receptive to more thoughts that harmonise with this new high vibration you're on.

#3. Do not focus on the problem you want to eliminate.

What you focus upon expands and gains momentum. And whenever you are focusing upon a problem, your thoughts are adding momentum towards what you do not want. The negative thoughts will be amplified, and the positive thoughts about solutions cannot come in because it is on a different vibrational frequency. You cannot stay positive when your focus is upon the unwanted. You can choose to focus on something else instead, something that makes you feel good in the moment and which is entirely unrelated to the problem. And once you do this, inspired solutions can now be received by your mind because it is not anymore clouded by the negativity.

#4. Leave situations or people that are not serving you.

In order to stay positive mostly, take notice of the people and interactions that you allow and participate in, in your life. Choose to be in the atmosphere of positivity, kindness and optimism, instead of feeding your mind with energies of anger, hate, blame, and judgment – all of which are not serving you and your vibrational set-point well. What you surround yourself with will have a significant impact on the vibration you keep on practicing in your life.

#5. Let the negativity melt away. Don't go specific on anything negative.

When a negative thought is not kept active within you, it will naturally and effortlessly melt away and leave you. You are not forcefully getting rid of them but rather you are releasing your attachment to these thoughts so that they become inactive and fall away on their own as you loosen your grip. When you do not choose to dive in into the specifics of anything negative, you do not get in the way of the natural rising of your vibration, and you thereby go back to your default setting of peace, satisfaction, positivity, and happiness.

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