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Anxiety During Recent Times in People

Anytime there’s any sort of health scare that we don’t know much about, stress levels will go up and that’s a normal reaction. In times of anxiety, you want to be mindful of your reactions and what works best for you.

A couple of suggestions as follows:

Be Mindful of Media

If media exposure bumps up your anxiety or keeps you from sleeping at night, you may want to cut back on this. If you are going to follow media, then I recommend sticking with science-based sources that offer real scientific facts.

Acknowledge your Anxiety

When you see yourself being anxious, take a few long, deep breaths to center yourself. This would cause the body to release stress-relieving hormones. Another option is to take a stroll or do something that will help you return to the current moment with all of your senses. Cook up a meal or head out with friends for a game of bowling. These activities aid in bringing you back to the present moment, away from repetitive anxious thoughts that serves no purpose.

Surround yourself with Calm People

If you have people in your life that ramps up your anxiety, try to steer clear of them and instead seek support from people who are level-headed and calm. People who tend to be on the wrong side of positivity have a knack of leaving negative vibes on us for a very long time. The best solution is to distance ourselves and avoid all sorts of contact.

Focus on Being Productive

This is an opportunity to try something new and do things we haven’t had time for. Organise a messy room, paint a fence, clean the garage, edit the photos on your phone, clean a rusty bike and take it for a ride, and play a board game ­— remember those? You can also learn a new skill or start a new hobby from videos on You Tube or various apps and websites.

Engage in Stress Reducing Activities

Focusing on what you are grateful for, exercising your body, and relaxing your mind will help give you the peace you desire. Guided meditation, yoga, exercise, and a gratitude journal are all practices that lower stress. Select one or two, learn about them so you do them correctly, and practice each day. If you and your loved ones are not severely sick or experiencing dire financial hardship, be grateful.

Seek Out Professional Help

It is normal to be going through a tough passage in life and be a little on the edge at times. If you are experiencing an escalation of anxiety, talk to a professional who can help you through this difficult time. Therapists are commonly using telehealth, so you are not limited to professionals in your area. Medication for anxiety, depression, and insomnia might also be needed and can be prescribed by a psychiatrist or your primary care physician.

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