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Be at the Top of Your Game, ALWAYS

Walt Disney, the world famous showman and the pioneer of animated cartoon films once said “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” No one is going to help you unearth your hidden talent and true potential and you cannot imagine the drive and productivity you possess once you let it all out.

It is evident that boasting leads to a serious error of judgment and shouldn’t be done unless you have the power to back it up. This is where one needs to become more productive, but the question comes up – how do we get there and how long will it take? Once you figure out what it is that you want to get done and understand that your own vision of productivity can make a world of difference to the way you live, then you can easily set your goals and focus 100% on that one thing that matters to you the most. It is vital to gain clarity and go strength to strength.

Confucius says “The man who chases two rabbits, catches neither.” Experiences in life teach us valuable lessons - but most importantly, it teaches a person to stay focused on what he wants to achieve. If you find yourself swamped with too many tasks at once and you are unable to accomplish them to the best of your abilities, then you might want to re-evaluate. The secret is to pick one rabbit (goal) and get really focused and driven on catching it.

Unplug and Disconnect – Over-commitment may just be the new normal now. Ultimately, we’re left pondering if disconnecting from work is taking as much effort to completely disengage and relax.

Our lives look nothing less than a peak rush-hour traffic intersection, filled with a magnitude of crazy tasks, gossips, meetings, appointments, deadlines, routine work and other sorts of melodrama. It may feel terrible to be in the middle of all this and at times it often holds you back from being your productive self. So shift your focus on unplugging and disconnecting for a while. Just like your body needing sleep and rest to operate, your mind has an equal if not more of a need to feel present and safe.

Take 15-20 minutes break in between work to unwind. This aids in regaining energy and clarity. Working from home these days serves to be more beneficial with the convenience of taking it step further with meditation, going for short walks, doing push-ups, or quiet moments alone.

Progress and W.I.N. – Push yourself a little every day, it may not feel easy to start that work out that you wished for. It may seem like a monstrous task and an uphill battle at first, but patience is a virtue and you progress a little every day. Remember that practice makes perfect and your aim is to evolve into a better person each day.

Make these three words your go-to thought - What’s Important Now. Place these words on your work desk, your bathroom mirror or your phone’s wallpaper to serve as a constant reminder. Is what you are feeling now more important than the person you want to be? How about the goal you want to achieve? Re-directing you back to what’s truly important, W.I.N. is the formula to battle every obstacle, emerging as a winner each time. WIN – What’s Important Now, lets you chose the ideology of the most successful people that train their brain to be victorious as it is a constant reminder to focus and put your mind where you want it to be.

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