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Disadvantages to the Keto diet

Diet is key to good health. Eating a healthy diet, knowing the nutritional values of your food choices can help you be healthy, happy, fit, and beautiful. Healthy eating is not about staying unrealistically thin, refraining from eating your favourite foods, following a fad diet, having strict limitations or making your life extremely complicated. It is all about eating right and feeling right! It's about improving your health, eating a balanced diet, lowering the risk of having nutritional deficiencies and most importantly boosting your mood.

Eating healthy or following a healthy diet is not at all difficult, neither it is expensive. It's just that we have so many advice and information on the internet that makes us feel overwhelmed, but we hardly gain anything from all of that. Many people who successfully shed several pounds in a couple of days or weeks with the help of restricted diets cannot maintain their weight for long-term. For every dietitian, certain food is a fat cutter or a metabolism booster, but for another expert, it will be exactly opposite.

The Keto diet

Strict dieting, limited energy foods and over-exertion steal energy and time. There is a continuous loss of mental energy due to obsessing over food and body, reading articles about diets and nutrition, physical energy loss due to hours spending in the gym, and to prepare 'healthy and nutritious' foods. For all the back and forth that you have heard about ‘healthy’, ‘unhealthy’, ‘good’, ‘bad’ foods that require a calorie calculator to stick to, nutritious eating is quite simple. I believe that nourishing your body with satisfying and nutritious whole foods can be an easy part of your life, while still enjoying the meals that are only for pleasure.

The Keto diet has remained relatively popular in recent years for people who want to lose their weight quickly. Keto is a very low carbohydrate diet that greatly helps in losing weight instantly, but the difference in weight loss seems to disappear over time. It can be hard to follow for many as it can be heavy in red meat, fats, processed and many salty foods that may not quite healthy eaten in excess.

Risks Associated to Keto Diet

Keto diet can cause low blood pressure, constipation, many nutrient deficiencies, kidney stones, increased cholesterol levels and increased risk of heart diseases. Moreover, they cause disordered eating and social isolation. Keto is not safe for people who suffer different conditions related to thyroid, pancreas, liver or gallbladder. Research has shown that someone new to the Keto diet might experience ‘Keto flu’ with symptoms like dizziness, stomach upset, mood swings, and irritation and low levels of energy. Concluding all, it can be said that the Keto diet along with having many advantages has some impactful disadvantages as well.

One thing to be kept in mind is that fad diets that accelerate weight loss are associated with increased mortality. Instead of following another popular diet that would last only a couple of weeks or months, embrace a change that is sustainable over the long term that suits your body type and lifestyle.

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