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Finding Inspiration in Smallest Things

Sometimes the key to finding joy and success is focusing – not on the big picture, but on the little moments that make up our daily life. You should seek and find beauty and joy in small things because some of the best things in life are not “things” – they are the precious moments that fill our lives with joy and happiness.

Why finding inspiration in small things?

There are so many things around us that influence and inspire us. A lot of the time we might not even realise. Seeing certain things advertised on social media, television or around you outside can be a massive influence on us. Obviously, this is going to be different for everyone. You might find that you find inspiration when you go out for a walk somewhere. Whereas someone else might go on the same walk and not find anything that inspires them. Through focusing on the little things and taking baby steps forward, you can make progress and improve performance at work, in sports, playing a musical instrument or in any area or activity you choose. However, here are some ideas that might help if you are struggling!

Make a Gratitude List! Every day, write down three to five things you are thankful for – but go beyond the basics of food and shelter. Dig deeper to focus on the small things that make you happy.

Celebrate Small Wins! Too often we fail to recognise incremental progress and improvement with others and ourselves, waiting for big wins or significant accomplishments which are few and far between. Try this – take note and celebrate forward progress — the small wins.

Listen to Some Music! Sometimes when we listen to music, we get inspired by it. It could be from a certain lyric you hear, or the from the instruments in the song. You might find it helps to listen to something new. Maybe a different genre of music that you have not really listened to before.

Changing Environment – Coming out of our Comfort Zone! This one could be quite tricky at the moment with lockdown rules, however, changing up our environment can really help. It could be going out in your garden or for a small walk outside. Going outside could mean seeing other people that might inspire you. Or seeing things like buildings, nature, anything in your surroundings could inspire you. Getting out of your comfort zone is definitely not an easy thing to do. However, if you do something that you would not normally do, you might find some inspiration from that. Even the smallest change in our routine can inspire us.

Pick up a New Skill! Sometimes we will decide to try something new on a whim to see if we enjoy it. You might find that when you do that new thing, it inspires you further. Maybe this will have a big impact on you in the future.

It is impossible to notice the small things when you are rushing, rushing, rushing. Stop, take a breath, and allow yourself to see the beauty around you.

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