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How protected are you from the Coronavirus?

Covid-19 came in as a big surprise and shook the world to its very bottom. With only a handful of cases at the onset, the tally has now surpassed infecting over 4 million people, while killing as many as 280,000 as of 10th May 2020. The ongoing pandemic has led many to ponder whether life insurance is a must?

Life Insurance is now essential?

You may have recently heard people stocking up food essentials and toilet paper, it does not end there. Recently, there has been an increase and a panic of sorts among individuals who have been lured to purchase life insurance just like they have been running to get their hands on necessities.

The new norm of social distancing and quarantine has led many to believe about the infections and diseases that can be spread from one human to another. There has been as much as a 50% increase in life insurance applications along with online wills.

What should I do?

The pandemic is not to be taken lightly, with so many deaths taking places everyday around the world, it is high time one should take action. If you are not covered under any kind of Life Insurance, you might want to think twice. For any reason, if you are unable to decide on the package that suits best for your needs, speak to an advisor who will professionally guide you to purchase the best insurance package at this time out there.

Consider this

In the circumstance you do get sick, sued, or die prematurely without insurance, your family may suffer financially, your children may not achieve important goals, you may be unable to work and lose your earning capacity, and you may lose everything you have ever saved.

Pro Tip - When it comes to insurance, it's always better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

Risk not worth taking

With so many cases turning out every day, the pandemic is showing only gradual signs of slowing down. The infections have been observed quick to spread especially to those who are vulnerable. Therefore, a lot of confusion has been brewing around us, and this uncertainty can cause fatality to many lives.

People who had earlier ignored the possibility of purchasing Life Insurance are now convinced that it is the way forward as it now holds great value.

Once normality resumes, or for that matter when all the lockdown rules are put out of place, there may be a high chance of catching viral infections. You may then start wondering whether you will now be worse off. In this situation, it is advisable to secure yourself first with an Insurance Policy that will keep your mind at ease.

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