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How to earn passive income

Nobody minds getting paid a little extra working on something of their own choice other than their full-time job. A side income can be earned while doing a side hustle on top of your main job.

Five out of ten people hate doing their regular jobs while living a routine 9-5 life which compensates just enough to pay for their rent and daily expenses. When you sit and calculate the cost of groceries, bills, transportations and others you soon realise that you might not be left with much.

So what do you do?

You now have a choice. If you are willing to put some extra effort and earn a few extra bucks, you can learn a skill and earn some quick money. Progressively, you will realise how that skill can convert into an ever-growing side income as your referral alongside skill, get strong.

Sounds promising? Let’s take a look at 5 interesting side hustle ideas that you can work on while at home.

Sell Niche Products Online

No matter what you plan to sell. Doing business online has never been easier. But before you start counting cash and plan for that expensive vacay, brainstorm and research about the product and the audience you want to target. For instance, your neighbour of yours might have just found some antique lamps in his grandpa’s home. By creating an account on Ebay, he found an opportunity to offer potential buyers a chance to land him some money.

Manage Social Media for Small Businesses

It is all about social engagement. Nearly three quarters of the world uses some sort of social media to help boost their business. You can do some simple research of small start-ups in your area and reach them online. Tell them how they can go about improving their business and what you can do to help make them grow organically.

Become a Freelancer

Earning quick bucks from home has become a reality. Pick up a skill and offer your services to the world out there. For example, if you are into graphic designing, you can look up for jobs on platforms such as Upwork or Fiverr to create a graphic video for your client.

Create a YouTube Channel

If you are good at something, never do it for free. Youtube is half the internet, period. There is so much potential for you to create videos and post them out there for the world to see. The formula is simple, start a channel, build enough subscribers over time, link your account with Google Ad sense and start earning. You can pick and chose anything to make videos; from playing video games for fun to making vlogs of your personal life and more.

Investing in Dividend Stocks

At first, investing may seem like a stupid idea when you have limited cash, but in the long run when the compounding factor sets in, you start creating wealth. The idea is to invest early to benefit from the compounding factor of the interest rates. For beginners, it is wise to invest in stocks that pay regular dividends. As the value of your investment grows, your dividends also grow, creating wealth on the sides.

Speak with us to find out how to make your money work for you from today, that you can even start retiring now!

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