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How to Restart After Failure

As you make your way in life and struggle forward in the days and weeks ahead, remind yourself, it is far better to be exhausted from lots of effort, learning and growth, than it is to be tired of doing absolutely nothing.

Thomas Edison, the brilliant inventor, endured a terrible hardship in 1914. His whole laboratory was burnt to the ground, and his work was destroyed for many years. People thought that this was the worst thing that could happen to him.

Start Fresh

But that did not become a reality, as that’s not how Edison sees it. Instead, the inventor decided to see his circumstances as an invigorating chance to restore all of his existing work and re-examine it. In fact, shortly after the fire, Edison reportedly said, "Thank god all our mistakes were burnt down." We will start fresh again now.' And that is just what he and his team have done.

Be Prepared No Matter What

Think of how your life contributes to this and how better you are prepared to face the reality? How many times have you heard it was the end, when it was really the beginning?

The fact is that these situations pop up without us realizing and takes us further back to where it all started. We all go through circumstances, big and small, that deeply affect us and we are left disappointed, feel like giving up, wish we had a different life and that we never grew up.

And, all of our suffering is solely in our heads. We only make matters worse as we bind ourselves to expectations and delusions about how life needs to be in order to be good enough for us.

The Joys of Life Are Open at All Times

Recently, COVID-19 has been one of the primary reasons so many of us are preoccupied. The new normal we have been forced to live through has been quite confining both mentally and physically. Everything basically changed overnight, leaving us yearning for the good old days.

Yes, so much has been postponed, closed, or canceled recently, but importantly, not everything. And it’s important to bring this into your present awareness. We should remind ourselves that love has not been postponed, closed, or canceled. Hope has not been postponed, closed, or canceled. Self-care has not been postponed, closed, or canceled.

There are plenty of possibilities right now to invest in the little stuff that matters most. The trick is to not let your vision overshadow the challenges of life.

So How Do We Overcome Failure?

When you let go of your negative judgments, you automatically replace the victim mentality with acceptance and presence. The element of acceptance and presence together will free your mind and move you forward.

This very same principle applies to our present challenges with COVID-19, especially for those of us who are not ill.

When we think better about our circumstances, we live better in spite of them. And there is no reason to postpone. Now is the time to practice.

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