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Positive Vibrations and Thoughts

The world that we live in has taught us unparalleled to what anyone can even envision. This same world is made up of nothing but waves and particles of energy that glide through our subconscious in the form of vibrations or thoughts. In this article, we will share with you how to make the best use of these vibrations through higher thoughts and embrace positivity.

Exercise and meditate – We cannot stress enough how vital exercise and meditation are in one’s life. Do whatever makes you happy - walk, run, jog, dance, breathe, sit, and relax. Take 20 -30 minutes out of your mundane routine and feel a world of difference. As a promise, you will sleep better at night as these movements will uplift your body’s vibrational frequency.

Enjoy the quiet and calm – If you are lucky enough to have a backyard that leads to an open sky and a view to the mountains heading north covered with snow caps during winter and a majestic view during summers, then sit outdoors, absorb nature and dwell into some of the earth’s finest creations. Spend your day by working on your inner thoughts that motivate you to surface centered and calm throughout the rest of the day and become aware of your inner self.

Chose healthy eating options –Most people regularly consume burgers, fries, shakes, and carbonated drinks twice or maybe thrice a week, this does not help one bit to uplift the mood or create enough vibrational power to set the tone of the day. The secret here is to restrict yourself to only foods that help nourish the soul and improve your health. Cut out every bit of processed food, they are known to slow you down and have low vibrational energy.

See and greet people you love – Seeing people daily that you love is extremely therapeutic. They have this hidden power to elevate your mood by sharing high vibrational energy. Also, try to be kind and generous and giving in a way that benefits them, it instantly puts you in a higher vibrational zone and stems positive energy.

Our lives vibrate around collective energies, there is not just one single energy source that dominates or dictates its way over us. We all have learned with experience that everything in nature vibrates at different frequencies, it is how ‘we’ as an individual use our intentions and thought process to raise these vibrations. All colors and sounds vibrate to a frequency. Our minds, body, and spirit are all vibrating to the energy that we supplement them in.

The choices that we make matter to a great extent. Focus on these easy ways to raise positive vibrations

Drink green tea or herbal tea

Sound therapy

Keep plants at home

Sit under the sun

Take a cold shower

Remove hate and anger

Lend a helping hand and be polite

So now you have a perspective on what matters the most in life to bring about a healthy and energetic vibe.

As you may have heard about the law of attraction, whatever you offer out into the world will return to you. It is the ability to attract anything into our lives whatever we are focusing on. If you think about it for a minute, isn’t all this just too easy? You get what you desire for, you are responsible for the thoughts and intentions that you carry inside you. You are solely in control of these thoughts and vibrations and have the power to rectify and transform anything that bothers you.

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