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Secret Morning Habits of Highly Organised People

A solid morning routine has to be the backbone of our daily self-care practice. It helps make a noticeable difference for getting a head start and then setting the tone for the rest of your day.

While a great morning moment can feel pretty magical, there’s more to the perfectly productive day than mystical forces at work. A morning routine that leads to productivity is in fact a science that you can implement in your own life.

But is there a right way to have a productive morning? Does it really lie in a morning ritual and healthy breakfast?

Let’s find out!

Wake Up 10-15 Minutes Earlier

Getting up 10 to 15 minutes earlier than the rest of the house makes a bigger difference than you think. Getting those first few minutes to yourself or even just easing the morning rush soothes your mood. For time to take a few deep breathes before getting out of bed, to thoroughly enjoying moments of making coffee or breakfast promotes happy hormones.

Avoid Checking Your Phone First Thing

Break the habit of reaching out for your phone right after you wake up. One way to avoid checking your phone early in the morning is to keep it far away from your bed. When you immediately grab the phone as soon as you wake up, you can get lost in that black hole of emails, headlines, and social media posts that suck up those precious morning minutes. Instead, sit up in bed immediately upon waking, and take a few deep breaths for at least 30 seconds.

Move Around and Kick Start your Morning

When you feel great, it will make it all that much easier to handle that alarm. You might not be excited about the idea of a morning workout. Maybe it's hard enough to just get out of bed, let alone run around the gym. But you don't have to lift weights or go for a jog. Simply move around and do some light stretches to get your blood flowing.

Ensure to keep yourself hydrated. Drinking water in regular intervals will help boost your digestive system and will provide energy to last the day.

Do Something Fun

Doing something creative and fun early in the morning can help you achieve so much more in the day. Some people enjoy playing video games, some like a cold shower, while others like to cook before they do anything else. What it does is that it gives you a feeling of being in control of the day, placing you in command of your life.

Get in Touch with Your Loved Ones

We all have that one person on our to-call list that we have been delaying for months. Maybe its time to give them a call and catch-up on that long lost conversation. Sharing thoughts and generating ideas early in the day can help you get that all important work flow going. Who knows, you might even schedule an evening coffee with them or visit your nearest park for a nice jog.

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