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Why a plant-based diet is gaining popularity

According to The Vegan Society, a plant-based diet is a way of life that aims to eliminate, as much as possible and practicable, all forms of animal exploitation and cruelty to animals for food, clothing, or any other reason. For many people, plant-based diets are a moral stand, a boycott of products that involve animal suffering and abuse, it’s a lifestyle choice that respects animals and refuses to take part in their exploitation.

But what happens when you follow a plant-based diet?

Easy Weight Loss Many people who shift to a complete plant-based diet maintain how easy it is to lose weight. One reason for this is that many plant sources of protein are lower in calories than meat.

It's not always easy to eat on a plant-based diet, and while that might be frustrating when you want to grab a bite on the go, it has the side effect of eliminating mindless snacking. One thing that works out for most vegans is that when they for instance visit a grocery store, they have to resist their temptation of eating unhealthy snacks as they nearly always contain meat or dairy.

Evolving Taste Buds

People on plant-based diet report a slight change in taste buds – meat cravings and the idea of a sweet tooth that existed for years with time starts to fade away into the distant past. If you go a few weeks without junk foods and animal products high in salt, fat, and sugar, your tastes start to change.

Increased Energy

Those who have moved to a plant-based diet have insisted on an increase in their energy levels throughout the day. The increased energy (and lack of afternoon naps) may be the result of a healthier diet overall, especially if adopting a plant-based diet means you’re avoiding sugary treats and processed foods, since those set you on a path of blood sugar spikes and crashes.

Skin Glow

Several people on a plant-based diet have reported immediate impact on their skin after following a vegan lifestyle. People who suffered from various skin related problems say that they have never looked better since going all plant-based.

Less Likely to have Heart Diseases and Diabetes

Many people choose a plant-based diet because it’s healthy! Recent studies found that cancer rates among vegans were up to 19% lower compared to meat-eaters. It was also shown that vegans have lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure and lower chances for type-2 diabetes.

Plant-based diet are Life Savers

Animals in the food industry are viewed as commodities and are exploited for profit. Before they are slaughtered, they suffer painful mutilations without anaesthesia. They are bred to grow unnaturally fast and large in order to maximise production. Their body is unable to support this growth and the results are deformities and pain. Over 150 million farmed animals are killed each day. By going on a plant-based diet, you are protecting animals every minute of the day.

A plant-based diet is Great for Environment

Animal agriculture is the leading cause of water pollution, ocean dead zones, species extinction, and habitat destruction. It’s unsustainable, wasteful and dangerous for the planet. Raising animals for our consumption requires immense amounts of water, land, energy, and food.

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